I recently Came across a killer article at Copyblogger whose title was “Three Killer Skills Professional Writers Need to Succeed in 2018” what struck me the most was the fact that those three skills are no different than those for SEO or Online Marketing and they are:

  1. Strategy
  2. Analytics
  3. Technology

For me these three Skills are the pillar on which any good Digital Marketing Strategy is based on, can not have one without the other two and to briefly touch upon this is why.

Strategy should be the Who, How and What, but because marketing is ever evolving we need analytics that is our gauge to measure our success and allow us to keep a close eye on any changes or new implementations to our strategy, Now technology per say is just technology “the new gadget or toy, even new methods, remember most of the online marketers implement the bare minimum, and those that implement technology I think they rely too much on it, and that just comes to show the lack of strategy and analytics.

So just to have a clear idea, let’s say I watch the latest and greatest webinar from an Online Guru (I personally watch about 3-4 webinars a week and I’ll get back to that in a second) so in the webinar, I get sold on the latest and greatest conversion gadget, but once implemented do not get the desired results, the question most people miss is, did you have a strategy behind the implementation of just because you saw it working for someone else you thought it will work for you , off course what they do not tell you in the seminar is all of their marketing strategy, such as audience, traffic, tracking, a/b testing techniques and most importantly after how many tries did it work for them.

Going back to the webinars, yes I think I watch too many webinars a week, and yes I buy often but not unless I have a place within my strategy to implement, once implemented I test, measure and if I got good results then rinse and repeat till I get great results.

For me, webinars are a great source of pearls because they are not selling you knowledge but their products so my train of thought is if I get one good idea or a new piece of information then my time was well spent.

I got to say that most often as I watch the webinar I can figure out how to replicate their process with some of the tools I already own so I do not need to buy what they sell, not unless is incredibly difficult to replicate or will just save me time or save me time on implementing the process. but because I focus on the process and not the product.

Well with this hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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